YAY!\n\n\nYou made it through the 2nd story.\n\n\n[[Continue?|story3]]
"Please sir, I want some more"\n\n\n[[Give the boy seconds|feed]]\n\n[[Reality tastes worse but teaches more|reality]]\n\n
YAY!!\n\n\nYou've finished yet another story.\n\n\n[[Continue|story4]]
.. you may [[carry on|endstory9]], as long as you learn!
Sloppy seconds?\n\n[[Yes please|sloppy]]\n[[No thanks|endstory7]]\n\n
You're in the first line of defence.\n\nYour buddy puts your body in a pile and burns it..\n\n.. also, you failed this story!\n\n\nA "second" [[attempt|startagain]]?
Remember when you reached second base?\n\n[[Not made it yet|notyet]]\n[[Been there, done that|beenthere]]\n\n[[Double Entendre|baseballsex]]
[[Cannon Fodder|firstline]] or [[Body Piler|secondline]]?\n\nChoose quick before these hits the ground:\n\n[img[http://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/bomb2.jpeg]]\n\n<<timedgoto "fail" 10s >>
[[Enter|enter]] the 10-story building.
A person is seldom second to none.\n\nWho are you second to?\n\n[[none|endgamestory9]]\n[[all|all]]\n[[friends|friends]]\n[[dad|dad]]\n[[daddy|dad]]\n[[father|dad]]\n[[maybe mom|mom]]\n[[that guy on the bus each morning|bus]]\n\nbe honest..
If you were to hand out a second chance?\n\nThink this through!\n\n[[Hitler|hitler]]\n[[Titanic|titanic]]\nor\n[[George W. Bush|w]]
Your mom probably screwed with your head just as much as your dad. So do you promise to be mad at her too?\n\n[[Promise!|endstory9]]
No. You're wrong and somewhat crazy.\n\n\n[[See a therapist|endstory9]]\n[[Refuse|endgamestory9-2]]
Are you [[Rock Hudson?|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHHhJ96646M]]\n\n[[Yes|yes]]\n[[No|no]]
Both you and your friend are dead.\n\nThere's no one around to pick up the pieces of your bodies.\n\n\nHave a "second" Super Fun [[try|startagain]]?
YAY!\n\n\nYet another story is completed!\n\n\n[[Continue|story5]]
Good. Keep your friends.\n\n\n[[Carry on|endstory9]]
You didn't manage to finish all 10 stories.\n\nWanna [[go|startagain]] a "second" time?
Do you like [[boys|boys]] or [[girls|girls]]?
Hitler doesn't get mad with the jews, and instead - living with jews in his youth - answers them "Jew Bet!" when they ask if he wants to join them at the beach.\n\n\n[[Carry on|endstory8]]
A new story, around the corner..\n..the wind hits you before the fist..\n..the wind cools your cheek before it gets glowing hot.\n\n[[Right fist|fightback]]
@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Parisienne);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Press+Start+2P);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=League+Script);\n\nhead {\n box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 0em #fff;\n width:100%;\n height:100%;\n display:block;\n position:fixed;\n}\nhead * {\n display:none;\n}\nbody {\n background-color:#000;\n margin: 0;\n text-align:center;\n}\n#passages {\n border-left: 0;\n margin: 0;\n padding: 10;\n line-height:20vh;\n}\n.passage {\n position:absolute;\n top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0;\n width: 65%;\n height: 70%;\n margin:auto;\n font: 1.5em/1em Press Start, "Press Start 2P", Helvetica, sans-serif;\n color: #FF0089;\n letter-spacing: -0.00em;\n text-align:left;\n}\n\n#sidebar {\n display:table;\n position:fixed;\n top: 0; left: 0;\n width:30%;\n height:20%;\n}\n\n#restart {\n display:table;\n position:fixed;\n bottom: 0; left: 0;\n width:7%;\n height:5%;\n}\n\n#sidebar #title {\n display:table-cell; \n vertical-align:center;\n text-align:center;\n}\n\n#sidebar #title #storyTitle {\n font: bolder 1.5em/2em League Script, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif;\n letter-spacing: -0.05em;\n color:rgba(f,0,0,0.0);\n}\n\n#restart {\n font: bolder 2em/1.5em Parisienne, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif;\n letter-spacing: -0.05em;\n color:rgba(f,K,H,f.0);\n}\n\n#title :not(#storyTitle){\n display:none;\n}\n#storymenu, #snapback, #share, #credits {\n display:none;\n}\na.internalLink:hover, a.externalLink:hover {\n color:#FF0089 !important;\n text-decoration: none;\n}\na.internalLink:nth-child(3n), a.externalLink:nth-child(3n) {\n color: #fff;\n}\na.internalLink:nth-child(3n+1), a.externalLink:nth-child(3n+1) {\n color: #fff;\n}\na.internalLink:nth-child(3n+2), a.externalLink:nth-child(3n+2) {\n color: #fff;\n}\n@media screen and (max-width: 960px) {\n body { font-size: 50%; }\n}\n@media screen and (max-width: 840px) {\n body { font-size: 40%; }\n}\n@media screen and (max-width: 720px) {\n body { \n font-size: 30%;\n }\n}
You failed miserably due to not accepting yourself.\n\n\nHave a "second" [[go|startagain]]?
You've made it through the third story.\n\n[[Continue|story4]]
[[Enter|enter]] the 10-story building.
Now one more!\n\n\n[[Sarah (no torso)|twobody]]\n[[Benny (no hand, no foot, no head)|twobody]]\n[[Barry (only two arms)|twobody]]\n[[Mia (half head, half torso)|twobody]]\n[[Mike (no feet)|twobody]]
Oblivious denial.\n\n\nMuch easier to get parts in Hollywood.\nMale parts.\nMale parts that Rock likes.\n\n[[Carry on|storydone]]
YAY!\n\n\nOne more story to go!\n\n\n[[Continue|story10]]
You failed this floor due to starving of children.\n\n\n[[Try a "second" time?|startagain]]\n\n[[Give up|giveup]]
1\n\nbrain ftw!\n\n<<timedgoto "0" 1s >>
YAY!\n\n\nYou made it through the first story.\n\n\n[[Continue?|story2]]\n\n[[I feel sad now|gameover]]
3\n\nthink of dad!\n\n<<timedgoto "2" 1s >>
2\n\nbrain wtf!\n\n<<timedgoto "1" 1s >>
5\n\nTHINK ABOUT DAD!\n\n<<timedgoto "4" 1s >>
4\n\nffs brain!\n\n<<timedgoto "3" 1s >>
7\n\nthink about your dad\n\n<<timedgoto "6" 1s >>
6\n\nno brain stop!\n\n<<timedgoto "5" 1s >>
9\n\n<<timedgoto "8" 1s >>
8\n\n<<timedgoto "7" 1s >>
You've made it!\nYou're on the final story.\n\nCan you just wait a [[sec|wait]]?
\n\n [img[http://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/final.png]]
You know what?\n\nYou're not really, but he likes to play mind games with you..\n\nYou answered truthfully, so please..\n\n.. [[carry on|endstory9]]
Don't worry, you're not judged here, that's taken care of by society.
Baseballers much reach second base too.\n\n\n[[Carry on|endstory5]]
Whatever the reason - it's stupid.\nYou're stupid but...\n\n<<timedgoto "ok2" 5s >>
What guy?\n\n[[He looks really slick and cool|stupid]]\n[[He seems to have money|stupid]]\n[[He wears a suit|stupid]]\n[[He seems happy|stupid]]
There you go Joe!\n\n[img[http://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/joe2.jpeg]]\n\n[[Carry on|endstory7]]
Seek help Cock.. I mean Rock!\n\n\n[[Go see therapist|storydone]]\n\n[[Refuse|end]]
Thanks..\n\nBy the way, how many seconds can you spare?\n\n[[2,366,769,450|wholelife]]\n[[just a few|fewsec]]\n[[none|nosec]]
Knuckles hurt as they hit bone.\n\nDo you [[second that motion|kill]] or [[take a step back|endstory6]]?
The 10 (other) seconds journey
Yeah.\n\nGot a pretty strong arm, so that's never been a problem to reach second base. I don't need any help at all reaching second base, cause I don't like being jerked around..\n\n\n[[Carry on|endstory5]]
2,366,769,450 is approx a whole life.\n\nYou sure?\n\n[[Yes|goahead]]\n[[Back to choices|spare]]
Therapist aren't hippies anymore you know.\n\nYou may not continue upwards..\n\n\nTry [[again|startagain]]?
Do your friends see you as inferior?\n\n[[yes|yesinf]]\n[[no|noinf]]
Last one now!\n\n\nThen you can party with your friend "Second-in-Command Carl"..\n\n\n[[Harry (hole in torso)|done]]\n[[Garry (burnt face)|done]]\n[[Steve (no ears, no arm, no leg, no nose)|done]]\n[[Jenny (no feet, no torso)|done]]\n[[Larry (no eyes, no arms)|done]]
Thanks..\n\nCan you [[spare a second|spare]] too?
The timer runs out when your life ends.. (approx), and then you'll see the final screen.\n\nBye!\n\n<<timedgoto "final" 2366769450s >>
Bad. Get new friends.\n\n\n[[Carry on|endstory9]]
10\n\n<<timedgoto "9" 1s >>
Don't worry, even bad batters get to walk sooner or later.\n\n\n[[Carry on|endstory5]]
\nMade for Ludum Dare 27 - 48H compo\nTheme: 10 seconds\n\n\n\n[[BEGIN|Start2]]\n\n\n\n\n\nmade by [[PaperBlurt|https://twitter.com/paperblurt]]
So the boat didn't sink and James Cameron's movie was like really boring!\n\n\n[[Carry on|endstory8]]
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You are a liar.\n\nAnd liars may not continue upwards..\n\n\nConfess and try [[again|startagain]]?
You're in the second line of defence and made it through the bombing!\n\nGood choice.\n\nAll you got to do now is to pile up at least 3 bodies and dump it on the pile for burning!\n\n\nChoose one to start with:\n\n[[Ben (no legs)|onebody]]\n[[Kenneth (no head)|onebody]]\n[[John (no leg, no arm)|onebody]]\n[[Sandra (nothing below waist)|onebody]]\n[[Fred (no arms)|onebody]]
YAY!\n\n\nAlmost at the top of the building!\n\n\n[[Continue|story9]]
By being impatient you've failed so close to the finish line..\n\n\nWorth another [[go|startagain]]?
Are you insane?!!\n\nYou're not allowed to continue on in the building!\n\n\nAnother [[swing|startagain]]?
Just make it across all ten stories.\n\n\n[[ok|ok]]
You're a murderer and are not allowed to carry on.\n\n\nTake a "second" [[stab|startagain]] at the building?
Great..\n\nIn just a few sec the final screen will be shown.\n\nSit back as you're almost there!\n\n<<timedgoto "final" 10s >>
YAY!\n\n\nAnother story completed!\nIs this really your first time playing?\n\n\n[[Continue|story8]]
YAY!\n\n\nYou've finished yet another story by NOT killing people.\n\n\n[[Continue|story7]]
YAY!\n\n\nYou're doing good, halfway there!\n\n\n[[Continue|story6]]